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In Residential Solar Rooftop, You will save 100% Energy. Make your Electricity Bill Zero & Reduce your Bill upto 100%. Make your Own Roof Work for You.

In Residential Rooftop, you can not only Save your Electricity, but can also Make your Rooftop Nature Friendly. You can also create Such an Environment that your Rooftop Space can be easily Utilize for Gardening too.You can Use your Rooftop Space for Enjoying & Refreshment under your Own Solar Power plant Shed.

In Residential Scheme, Government is also Providing Subsidies & Other Benefits of Net Metering So that One Can Earn Maximum Benefits from their Solat System

The Payback of Your Solar Rooftop system in Residential will be almost 6-7 years

You can Earn & save Extra Benefits upto 19years.