For Industrial Rooftoos, Solar Is most Beneficial due to Industry High Usage of Electricity.

You can Easily Switch to Diesel Generator Set whenever it is not Possible to produce Energy from Solar.

Net Metering facility in Industrial Sector allows you to reduce Your Bills upto 80% & leads you to pay for Only the Amount of Electricity you pay.

Payback peeiod is only 3-4 years. You will get upto 80% Accelerated Depreciations Benefits from Government.

Also your Every Machine & Equipments runs on Solar Energy without Creating any Problem even at Night time as Changeover is given On D.G set.

Now, Going Solar will not only Enables you to Produce Electricity but also allows you to earn Extra Benefits on Non- Working Days.

Now You can Also Install Solar at Schools, Colleges, N.G.Os, Trusts, Hotels & Cut Down your Electricity Bills to almost 90%.