Turning towards power of sun

Pragati SunEnergy Solution is started by a group of experienced in site engineer to provide quality work on rooftop solar power plant. We aim here to build not just a solar plant but also a strong foundation for our client and customer which maximise their benifiets of energy generation and minimize the risk of poor work service.

Pragati SunEnergy Solutions is committed to giving Seattle homeowners a clear picture of the policy, incentives, and investment returns on local solar panel installations.

At Pragati SunEnergy Solutions, we partner with top-rated companies for installation and product support that is unrivaled anywhere else. Our solutions are easy and relatively affordable compared to other solar solutions.

We recognize our primary assets is our team. Our team Spirit plays a vital role to the success of the company and for the completion of successful commissioning of plant.

Safety is first for our company. Working with electrical appliances without a safety may cause severe dangerous accidants.